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Affordable, High-Quality Vision Care in Billings, MT

Eye Center Of Montana provides the ultimate vision service experience! We provide an array of vision care options and services in a comfortable setting, catering to your specific vision needs. Our optometrist and staff work hand in hand with our specialty providers to ensure we are catering to your total visual health.

To screen for health problems inside the eye, monitor for amblyopia, and evaluate for binocular vision disorders.

Pediatricians do have some training for evaluating eye conditions, but unfortunately their time is limited, so often their vision screenings are limited to having a medical assistant simply have a child read letters from an eye chart.  There is a whole lot more involved in an eye exam besides this, and conditions are often missed as kids memorize charts with one eye or are found to have health problems INSIDE their eyes.

Every 1-2 years, beginning from birth (for more details, go to: AOA recommendations for eye exam frequency)

  • An eye exam serves 2 purposes: 1) To get a new glasses prescription and 2) To check the health of your eyes.
  • ***Even if you see well, you may have a sight-threatening condition that may be caught during a routine exam, which could prevent future vision loss.
  • If you take your car to a mechanic shop, do you tell them to not look under the hood simply because the car is currently running?  Catching eye health problems early can help prevent vision loss later.
  • ******At Eye Center of Montana, our exam price includes the retinal imaging (Optomap), which helps decrease the need for dilated eye exams in many cases.

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